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the road goes ever on and on

I have promises to keep

and miles to go before I sleep

What a fucking great season that was ... I am so glad I invested in this show.

Liked Person of Interest - will be following that. Not so sure about A Gifted Man. Can't be bothered with Supernatural, haven't watched properly since the fourth season, so it's not likely I'll be picking that up again - gutted though, because Jensen is very pretty to look at, but I can't stand the direction the show has gone. I liked SMG's return in Ringer - she is so very watchable and I don't bond with onscreen girls very often. NCIS was okay, but I've fallen in love with Suits which sports a better dynamic than Gibbs and co recently. Am not up to date with NCIS:LA but I like Callen and Hanna so they might get a look in again sometime. Castle is back and I'm not sure the stereotypical hardnosed bitch boss is a good fit, but I am glad of its return. What am I missing right now ... Leverage, Covert Affairs, Bones and White Collar ... memory is failing me, I am sure.

TV ep roundup
the road goes ever on and on
On Hiatus - but up to date:

Covert Affairs S1
Leverage S3

Up to date - yay!

Bones 6x11
Castle 3x13
Stargate: Universe 2x10
Supernatural 6x11
White Collar 2x11

On - Must catch up! Probably.

Burn Notice 2x16 (S4 now on)
Glee 2x04
NCIS 8x04
NCIS:LA 2x04
Nikita (meh) 1x04
Human Target S1 (S2 now on)
V 2x01
Vampire Diaries - 1x14 (S2 now on)
Warehouse 13 2x01 ... 2x08-2x13 (don't ask)

Old shows --

Prison Break 3x01
Without a Trace ????

In other news -
tempus fugit
I still don't have a job, but I have signed up with various agencies to get anything, rather than faffing about with nothing.

comfort food
I am vereh happeh!

I have discovered how to download .avi files from the internet to my flashstick via the library computer, and thus save my friend's from randomly downloading viruses. Of course, I shall be less happeh if the library computers get viruses and they blame me and don't let me use them - but I am anticipating that their antivirus stuff will be more aggressive than my mate's!

Hee. I am glad I don't have to wait until I've moved before watching my shows!

White Collar, Warehouse 13 and Covert Affairs, I will be watching you tonight!

♥ X † ?
wake up

Invite codes
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I do not have a teaching job for September
Or at all.

I don't have a job doing anything.

I am really feeling pretty low about the whole malarkey.

So yesterday I graduated
The ceremony was kinda nice, but what made it wonderful was Dan, Tim and Chris being there ...

So good to see them all, all of us together for the first time in 18 years. A huge day, with so much charged emotion - hopefully one of many to come - especially if Dan comes south again!

My feet hurt today, but it was worth it, I feel!

Got my results!
2:1 is very respectable. I can live with that.


Have I got the job?
Everything's a bit up in the air at the moment. I went for the job interview at Yeovil and

[interruption for phone call]


I haven't got the job. Apparently a close-run thing where they decided to go with someone else, but if they'd had two jobs going ... oh well - tis all experience!

Applied for a job
Eek, so terrifying, after 5 years of studentville!

There are 5 jobs going at the same school, and I REALLY want one of them, but I imagine that there will be be a billion people applying for them. I hope the application gets me an interview, but I doubt I'll know before the 18th of this month - which is really not far away, to be sure, but still ...

Two other schools - quite a distance away - are also employing a teacher for one post in mixed age classes ... am really not confident about this whole thing. Must go and faff around with the application froms and email them in too. Can't get shortlisted if I'm not even in the pile, right?

And now I should really go and start prepping for interview questions ... how DO I feel about Every Child Matters? How do I deal with behaviour management effectively? What examples can I give of constructive team management? Why do I want this job? Gaaaaaaaah!


In the beginning ...
the road goes ever on and on
So, opened a new journal ... without paying $15 for the name onlyhannah because I am cheap/poor/whatever ... some time after opening my dw of that name[personal profile] onlyhannah. Must test to see if I've set it up to crosspost effectively. Only one niggle, am missing my membership to tvshare and wishing I could just transfer it across /whine.

Otherwise, what am I doing? I'm applying for jobs. XD